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Even though we’ve been meeting for over two years, you may still wonder what it means that we are a multi-site church and how that impacts our future.  Different from church planting, a multi-site church is one church that meets in multiple locations.  The different campuses share vision, values, strategy, resources, budget, teaching, and even, at times, staff.  We are able to afford the rental, ministry, and staff costs of Graystone Walton because we are a part of the overall Graystone Church.

With a church plant, a church will financially support the plant for a specific period of time.  In multi-site church ministry, the campuses are always connected and continue to operate under one budget and one vision.

Although there are a variety of ways that multi-site churches handle the Sunday teaching responsibilities, Graystone has chosen to use a combination of live teaching and video teaching from the Ozora campus.  This approach is the plan for not only the future of our campus, but of every campus that Graystone launches.  We believe this approach gives us the best opportunity to reproduce campuses.

Being the first campus means we are a lot like the first child.  We are all learning a great deal from Graystone Walton, and our goal is to develop a strategy that is reproducible so that we can reach more communities and more people for Christ.

It is important to realize that church is more than preaching.  Preaching is only one aspect of who we are and who we want to be in the future.  We want to serve our community and the world.  We want to reach people with the love of Jesus.  We want to grow ministry to children and teenagers.  We want to connect people and help them grow spiritually through small groups.  Preaching is vital to any church, but it is one of many vital parts.