Our Vision

We dream of thousands of people across Greater Atlanta coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We dream of individuals and families from all walks of life experiencing God's love, grace, and forgiveness.

We see believers growing in their personal walk with God and becoming more and more like Jesus Christ. We see them living an authentic Christian life by being a faithful steward in every area of their lives.

We envision a church built on "life on life" discipleship where true spiritual multiplication is taking place. We see an army of servant leaders consisting of spiritually mature men, women, and youth who are investing their lives in younger believers.

We see a Sunday morning service full of people of all ages who are truly entering into the presence of God and sincerely worshipping Him with all their hearts, minds, and souls.

We hear a relevant, creative, Biblical message taught through different mediums that helps individuals and families live lives glorifying to God.

We see individuals and families connecting with one another through small groups and experiencing life together as a team...a family.

We dream of our church being a light to those around us by meeting the needs of our community and transforming our culture.

We dream of being a "launching pad" to the world. We envision raising up leaders, families, and teams to be sent as missionaries to the ends of the earth. We dream of planting hundreds of churches, starting many new ministries, and assisting laborers in the harvest all over the world.

We dream of growing big by staying small while disappearing into the backdrop, so God may have all the glory!