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Why are we considering purchasing permanent property for Graystone Walton?
Our goal has been to move the church into a permanent location since the planning stages of Graystone Walton.  Weekly set up and tear down eventually becomes a drain on the volunteers and energy level of a church, therefore a portable setting is not a permanent solution.  Also, having a permanent location communicates to the community that we are here to stay.

Why are we purchasing property now instead of a few years from now?
Our vision is to start more campuses.  However, we feel it is important that we not have multiple campuses in portable settings as we begin to carry out this vision.  Second, the land and buildings are available now.  This opportunity has presented itself and we believe we should pursue it.

Why are we renovating an existing facility verses buying a tract of land
and building from scratch?

It is much more cost effective to renovate an existing structure than to build from the ground up. With acreage, paved parking, multiple entrances, lighting, and building space, buying this space puts us years ahead of what it would take to buy land and build from the ground up.

Why are we purchasing property in Monroe?
First, the site puts Graystone Walton in the geographical center of Walton County.  Second, we have sensed over the past year, and it has been confirmed by consulting multi-site pastors, that Graystone Walton is too close to the Ozora campus.  We also believe that Highway 81 is sufficiently covered by churches.  That leaves 78 East as our best option for a permanent site.

Isn’t Monroe a different demographic than Loganville and couldn’t that create a problem?
First, we are not becoming Graystone Monroe.  We are Graystone Walton and will continue to minister to Loganville as we add ministry to Monroe.  Almost any move would result in some change in the community and demographics surrounding the church.  There will certainly be new opportunities for ministry in Monroe. However, we also believe the new developments that are coming north of 78 would put us in the middle of growth and expansion, giving us greater opportunities for impacting people for Christ.

Are there already budgeted resources currently being used for rental agreements that can be used to make the payment on the new loan?
Yes.  There is already $5,500/month in the 2014 budget designated for Graystone Walton facilities.

How will we pay for the new building?
The cost of the property is $750,000.  Graystone (the combined budgets of both campuses) will borrow the $750,000 needed to purchase the property.  In addition, Graystone will borrow $250,000 as a construction loan to begin renovating the property.  Graystone Walton will be responsible for raising the remaining $250,000 that will be necessary to complete the renovations necessary in Phase 1 to actually move into the building.

How am I supposed to give to the “My Move” campaign?
We are asking that each person give sacrificially over and above their regular tithe to the “My Move” campaign. Each person can give to the campaign however they feel led. (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, One time gift)  You can give in the service each week by marking your gift as “My Move” on a giving envelope.  You can also give online to the “My Move” campaign at the Walton Campus.

What do we get for the $1.25 million?
In addition to the property, we will be able to renovate a little over half of the 15,000 sq. ft. space.  It will include a 300 seat auditorium for worship and a temporary children’s ministry area in addition to a lobby and restrooms. Phase 2 of the project, to be completed at a later time, will allow us to complete the 600 seat auditorium and permanent children’s ministry space.

What is the time frame for moving into the building?
We would like to be in the new building by June 1st.