Putting Down Roots

1. Be a coupon clipper! Food is one of the largest expenses your family has each month. Using coupons could potentially help you save as much as $30 per week! That comes to $240 over eight weeks.

2. Skip eating out for one meal per week as a family. If the average cost for your family is just $25, in eight weeks, staying home once a week would add up to $200.

3. Adjust your vacations. Do something close and inexpensive (like day hikes, picnics, or a three-day vacation instead of a week) and save on the airfare and hotel costs. This can easily save $1,000 to $2,000.

4. Put off discretionary major purchases and redirect the money toward the campaign.

5. Change to basic cable. Basic cable is about $25 per month compared to $50+ per month for regular cable. Cutting out Showtime, HBO, or other premium channels can also save another $12 - $25 per month.