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1. Be a coupon clipper! Food is one of the largest expenses your family has each month. Using coupons could potentially help you save as much as $30 per week! That comes to $1,080 over nine months.

2. Skip eating out for one meal per week as a family. If the average cost for your family is just $25, in nine months, staying home once a week would add up to $720.

3. Wait for a movie to come out on video instead of seeing it at the theater. One trip to the movie theater can cost over $25 for two people with popcorn and candy! If you cut out two movies per month, that’s close to $450!

4. Commit your income tax refund check to God for the 9 month period.

5. Adjust your vacations. Do something close and inexpensive (like day hikes, picnics, or a three-day vacation instead of a week) and save on the airfare and hotel costs. This can easily save $1,000 to $2,000.

6. Give up a habit. This is easier said than done, but not impossible. For example, a gourmet coffee each day for nine months costs nearly $1,215.

7. Make a commitment to drink only water at a restaurant. One person could save $5 per week or more. That’s a minimum of $180 just for drinking water.

8. Put off discretionary major purchases and redirect the money toward the campaign.

9. Commit to a dollar increase per week. Start by giving one dollar extra the first week, then two, then three, etc., praying all along that the Lord would show you a way to add that next dollar and increase each week. If you were to keep this up for 9 months, you would give nearly $700.

10. Change to basic cable. Basic cable is about $25 per month compared to $50+ per month for regular cable. Cutting out Showtime, HBO, or other premium channels can also save another $12 - $25 per month.